Monday, July 4, 2011

Adoption Time-Line

Many friends have asked about our process (and progress! :D), so I will keep updating this post as we go.
I am including spiritually significant dates of our process as well, because these are very meaningful to us.

2008-  God begins to put adoption on our hearts.  Especially Marlisa.  (requested lots of info, but felt discouraged at the amount of time, money, etc.)  
2010- Marlisa starts to again pray about adoption, "to discern God's perfect will for us, for us to be 100% unified"  At this point, Chris wasn't ready but felt that sometime, in the future, we would adopt.
2011-May-Chris says, "Let's do it!!"  From that point on, we are 100% certain, excited, and dreamy about the baby in Ethiopia God has for us!!!  
Hebrews 11:1  Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

Here we go!
May 2011-begin researching agencies/praying for wisdom
May 27, 2011-view AGCI webinar and complete pre-application with All God's Children International-approved
May 29, 2011-complete formal application-first payment
June 8, 2011-We are accepted for Ethiopia!
June 9, 2011-call VA home study agency/request application paperwork
June 10, 2011-order birth certificate copies, marriage certificate copies
June 15, 2011-receive Orientation paperwork pack (overwhelming!)
June 21, 2011-Orientation conference call to go over paperwork
June 24, 2011-orientation paperwork notorized/mailed to AGCI
June 29, 2011-receive DOSSIER pack (overwhelming!)
July 4, 2011-complete "Eyes Wide Open" workbook
July 6, 2011-scheduled Dossier conference call
July 11, 2011-order Marlisa's passport  (doesn't expire until 2012, but we need to have it current for 2 full years)
July 12, 2011-meet with our VA social services case worker
for first Home Study meeting
July 13, 2011- fingerprints for FBI checks/set up physicals for Chris and Marlisa/collect kids' completed medical forms from the pediatrician
July 14, 2011-submit autobiographies for Home study
July 19, 2011-Marlisa's Home study appointment

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