Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Adoption is Intentional

If I had to think of one word to describe the adoption process in terms of the “Paper Pregnancy,” it would be “intentional”.  Every single step so far has taken much intent, determination, and focus on the purpose of bringing our baby boy home.  In fact, I have to admit, this child’s addition has been the most intentional of any of our kiddos.  Which is probably why we waited so long in the first place.  We knew this would be a big process.  Even though we didn’t plan the month or date that we would get this party started, to me, it couldn’t have been any more ideal.  I’m mostly off work this summer, so I have plenty of time to DO THIS!
 Today was another big step in our adoption process.  We met our Home Study social worker and had our first appointment.  Just when I thought I might be getting a handle on paperwork, surprise!  We got more!  Throughout this process, I am amazed by the intentional nature of every step. Nothing is straight-forward or easy.  Most documents need to be ordered and expedited authentic copies, signatures need to be notorized, online classes need to be taken.   Child Protective agencies have to search not only places we’ve resided in, but also every single state/country we have visited for 3 weeks or longer.  For my husband, who led wilderness trips in about 6 different places, we have to fill out a bunch of search requests .  Lengthy autobiographies need to be written (I thought we already did this, but apparently this is something else)  and fingerprints need to be made for FBI checks.    References, employment checks, financial statements, dmv records…the list goes on and on.  And that is just for the Home Study.  The rest of the Dossier has its own list to accomplish.
This morning,  I tried to get a jump on our education by completing two classes before we had to leave for our home study.  Then, in the car I worked on our “Eyes Wide Open” workbook with Chris, 2 ½ hours  of meeting with our social worker  and the 1 ½ hour drive home and I’m pretty sure my eyes are anything but wide open.  (yawn)
Even though my brain hurts and I’m super-tired, my heart is really excited and with every intentional step we take, I know God is leading us.  We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t know for sure He already had the path laid out.  We can plug along knowing our adoption is in His hands. 
With every intentional step, I think of God’s adoption of us, through Jesus.  The plan, the sacrifice, the  “not my will, but yours be done” intent of a Savior who laid down his life for us to get to be His, forever. 
With every paper we sign, every check we write, every appointment we make, every phone call, every webinar, every single book we read through, every prayer we pray for our baby boy…we know, love is worth the cost.  We are trusting God with all the details.
Elliot said the other day, “I just can’t believe it!  I can’t believe we GET to adopt!”
I  feel  exactly the same way.  I can’t think of a more exciting way to bring a new child into our family.


  1. Awesome. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date, and being so good at expressing yourself as well! I will keep this before the Father's throne in prayer! Hugs to you!
    Love, Diane

  2. Oh my....you are so right on about everything being so intentional. I think I actually struggled with this and probably because my other children were anything but :) It all seems so distant for me now and yet the memories of the "paper pregnancy" come back with this reading.

  3. I so agree with this...have tried to explain it to others too (having both biological and adopted kiddos ourselves), but it's difficult to put into words...
    With adoption it is so intentional.
    Sought after with much much effort...
    A labor of love.
    It's a hard, amazing, emotional, beautiful, stretching, God-glorifying journey that He can use to bring you closer to each other, closer as a family, and closer to Him.
    Blessings on your adoption!